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Madeline, Fanny Bay
A.R., Carmel
Amina, Gateshed
Chassey, Brooklyn
Allan, Brooklyn
Tracey, Rapallo
Luke, Great Neck
Stephen, Bethpage
Chassey, Los Angeles
Chris, Marion
Tasha, Clermont
Lisa, Arkwright
Lisa, Reading
Tee, Las Vegas
Tabitha, Las Vegas
Laurielea, Brooklyn
Alyssa, Monclair
Alice, Catskills
Hilary, Berne
Dana, Fremont
Roland, Queens
Hilary, Brooklyn
Lukas, Paris
Regina, Marrakesh
Regina, Prague
Regina, Florence
Gianpiero, Pescara
Peter, Brooklyn
Cathy, Houston
Ariel, Queens
Gracie, Brooklyn
Kayleigh, Palm Coast
Marlee, Somerset
Christopher, Chappell Hill
Mark, Los Angeles
Isis, Queens
Heather, British Columbia
Emily, Albany